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motorcycle accident

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Motorcycle accidents are more frequent, just like other accidents that involve cars, trucks, and bicycles. Obviously, motorcycles are less stable than cars. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injury than car drivers as they are not protected by a cage or steel frame as the accident happens.

At the Law Office of Chris W. Chong, we help those involved in motorcycle accidents. Especially those injured due to others’ negligence, like other drivers’ reckless behavior or defect from the motorcycle itself resulting in a fatal accident.

A compassionate lawyer understands the difficulty and challenge of every victim

Some of the most common motorcycle accidents result in fatal injuries and damages. Some of the motorcycle injuries involve:

Common injuries are not limited to those mentioned above as they can also be in other lower extremities involving the pelvis and waist. Or the injury can result in the upper extremities, including the neck, head, and abdomen. But regardless of what type of injuries you have acquired, we will help you get the justice you deserve for the cost and pain the accident brought you.

Competent support represents the client’s interest

Keep in mind that injuries can show up even after days or weeks after the accident; that is why it is important that you seek medical assistance after the accident, even though there are no apparent injuries.

More so, you need to seek legal assistance. As a motorcycle accident lawyer, we can help you trace your injury’s occurrence in relation to the accident that transpired. This is one of the complexities when it comes to accidents and making a claim.

We can help you recover all the compensation you are entitled to, including lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. We will ensure that you get what you deserve. With the presence of an attorney by your side, you can also get the best possible outcome, as the insurance company will take your claim seriously.

Contact a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in Utah

If you or you know someone involved in a motorcycle accident in Utah, the Law Office of Chris W. Chong is here to help. We can help you answer all your questions, get the compensation you deserve, and keep you informed every step of the way. Call us today at (833) 256-8810 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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“Mr. Chong was recommended to us by a family member when my son had an accident where the other party was at fault and had no insurance at all. Chris knew what to do and was very helpful and always answered our calls or texts…”

Yoly R.

” I had a great experience with Chris Chong as my first attorney.. I had heard alot of complaints of other lawyers and from my point of view Chris Chong did everything he can to settle our cases.. very helpful and honest.. he took his time to answer all of my questions. I was involved in a car accident…”

Jorge O.

“Chris really helped me out.. I rear ended by this jerk, and Chris…was able to get my car fix, and sent me to see doctors.. that really helped alot.. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Ricardo Q.

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