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Over the years, taxis are now being taken over by ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. From a traditional mode of traveling, things became easier. However, accidents related to Uber and Lyft contribute to the statistics of car accidents. As drivers can use their own cars, it opens the chance that drivers are in terrible shape.

Injuries and damages caused by others’ negligence, like drivers’ reckless behavior or defect from the vehicle itself resulting in a severe accident, can always be severe. That is why our law firm helps those injured in Uber or Lyft accidents.

Experienced counsel offers the best action to make the liable party accountable

What is also crucial to rideshares is that the companies Uber and Lyft do not really require drivers to undergo a particular training as drivers, which becomes an opportunity for accidents to happen. As long as they have a clean driving record, everything is all set.

To be involved in an Uber or Lyft accident is too complex, as liabilities can be difficult to prove. With our help, determining liabilities for your injury should never be complicated. We will act on your behalf to hold the liable party accountable and give you the compensation you deserve.

It’s important that you understand that drivers in rideshares are not considered employees of companies like Uber; they are actually independent contractors. Meaning to say, you can’t just simply go after the company because of the accident. With the help of our attorney, we can guide you on what action you should make after the accident.

Persistent representation helps injured client recover damages

The process of obtaining compensation has always been difficult for any car accident because of the time limit and the legal process it undergoes. But with the help of a rideshare car accident attorney, you can recover the compensation and damages the accident has inflicted on you and your family.

At the Law Office of Chris W. Chong, we have helped clients injured in rideshare accidents claiming for compensation. We have helped our clients recover what is in their best interest from lost wages, medical bills, pain, and suffering.

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The Law Office of Chris W. Chong is here to help. If you or someone you know got involved in a rideshare accident like Uber or Lyft, we can help and keep you informed throughout the process. Call us today at (833) 256-8810 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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“Mr. Chong was recommended to us by a family member when my son had an accident where the other party was at fault and had no insurance at all. Chris knew what to do and was very helpful and always answered our calls or texts…”

Yoly R.

” I had a great experience with Chris Chong as my first attorney.. I had heard alot of complaints of other lawyers and from my point of view Chris Chong did everything he can to settle our cases.. very helpful and honest.. he took his time to answer all of my questions. I was involved in a car accident…”

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“Chris really helped me out.. I rear ended by this jerk, and Chris…was able to get my car fix, and sent me to see doctors.. that really helped alot.. I would recommend him to everyone.”

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